This was an absolutely delightful surprise! Wages of Darkness was an unexpected treat. Its use of darkness, in the context of an adventure game, was welcomed with open arms by me. While this move could be interpreted as intended to cover up a nonexistent art design, I actually think it were more of a sacrifice. adventure games thrive on graphic visuals. This move was completely uncalled for yet perfectly set for the storyline.

Wages of Darkness intends to "distort the player's sense of reality through limiting his/her sense of sight." The way this is accomplished is by way of utter darkness. You are a woman who has no idea how she's gotten to where she his. she can not see a thing. Only her senses can guide her out of this nightmare and into the light.

The features of interaction include an inventory and what's know as a a dynamic label, which describes what a surface feels like. This dynamic label is your eye sight in this game. With it, you must determine where you are and what to do next. Perhaps the most exciting moment of this game lies at its conclusion.

platform utilized: pc
genre: adventure
where to find: You can find Wages of Darkness right here.

Crawling In the Dark: Wages of Darkness, 2012

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Jul 3, 2012

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