To get right into things, Blackwood Prologue is a short idea created by one, Blake Mann, student of SAIT Polytechnic, in Calgary Alberta. The game is a platformer, if you can call it that, because there really isn't much jumping around. According to Blake, this is but a prologue to a bigger and more complete title which apparently is in the works.

Blackwood Prologue is apparently intended to be more focused on "art and atmosphere" than on its gameplay. This certainly translates well. Prologue is gentle and very easy on the eyes, with graphics that are both gorgeous and lush, and at times choicely minimal. Its characters are simplistic, drawn as mere stick figures rather than fully detailed human beings. This minimalism works to draw you into the world.

As a story, I am unwilling to say that it is put together. There is a lot of potential, and its creator knows this. But strings are left untied, and rather than find a way to prettily lace together a bow of glowing qualities, a messy shamble is left. Granted the shamble is pretty, but it lacks its finishing touches, its conclusion, its coherency.

Check out Blackwood Prologue. it will only take you a few minutes. And though it is lacking in some elements, what has been done is beautiful.

platform utilized: browser
genre: platform
where to find: Right here.

Art and Atmosphere: Blackwood Prologue, 2012

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Jul 21, 2012

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