At the Bonfire is an extraordinary Twine game, created by the talented finny. I cannot say it better than Portpentine over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

"At the Bonfire is about a party that really happened, just reimagined.
It borrows from those sleepless nights staring at the ceiling thinking about words you said/wish you said/wonder what would happen if you said them.
There are several paths based on who you choose to spend your time with. There is the knowledge that even a seemingly laid-back gathering is tense with unspoken dynamics of gender and performance.
Finny’s games charge directly at thoughts instead of abstracting them to the capital letters of Big Emotions. This is hyper-introspection, the kind of writing that stops me repeatedly with its lucidity, with its explicit naming of things we bury in the dark, hoping they’ll suffocate. They never do."

platform utilized: browser
genre: text-based game
where to find: You can find At the Bonfire right here.

Reimagining the Party: At the Bonfire, 2013

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Sep 28, 2013

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