From the Tax Evaders site:

"Incredibly, some of the wealthiest, most powerful corporations pay less than you or I do in taxes. While the rest of us pay our fair share, these corporate Tax Evaders are stealing nearly $100 Billion a year out of our national economy – every year. Meanwhile, drastic cuts to our public services are taking place, threatening social security, health care, education, and much more.
"It’s time to stop talking about cuts, and start talking about the corporations who have changed the laws in order to avoid paying their fair share. It’s time to make them pay."
Upon completion of the game, you are given the opportunity to "blast the tax evaders for reals", in the form of a Twitter bomb. For example, here is the message given me to deliver to GE: "GE has more money offshore than any other U.S. corp: $108 billion. Hey @GeneralElectric, pay your taxes!"

platform utilized: browser
genre: arcade-style action
where to find: You can make 'em pay, right here.

Make the Corporations Pay!: Tax Evaders, 2013

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Sep 27, 2013

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