So, in case you don'g know, Gods Will Be Watching is an upcoming remake -- really, more of a deepening, an expansion -- of the original, which was a minigame. The project has been funded, and now, we await this colossal project. From the site:

"Gods Will Be Watching is a game about hard decissions and moral dilemmas in order to survive. A series of dramatic puzzles where not only the mathematic outcome counts but also the ethical approach to the problem. There's also no good or evil, just decisions, with only you as the judge of your actions. Is eating your friends the best way to stay alive, or just the easier?"

Also, Devolver Digital will, apparently, be matching the funds of the Kickstarter. So that's awesome.

Watch the video and tell me this doesn't look like an incredible step for adventure games.

Gods Will Be Watching Kickstarter

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Sep 17, 2013

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