Norwegian gaming company Stolidus Simulations has produced an experience to be had. The game is called Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013, and it is exactly as it sounds. To be honest, the game is quite boring -- that is, the mechanics are simple, and the gameplay, even more so.

But what should be said about Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is that it is a really good game. Among the zen-like calm of its gameplay (to borrow a phrase from another reviewer), it makes for an interesting experience of the passage of time. Each movement of the robot is slow and realistic. There is no turbo; there is not teleportation; there is no button to lock one into a forward motion. The entire game is experienced in real-time. What you come to find as you glide across the floor of each room, is how small you really are, and how long it actually takes to move from one end of the house to the other. Not only this, but space is another fascinating subject explored in the game. As your robot frame slides underneath the miscellaneous furniture, your self-perception is accentuated, and you experience your surrounding with a new perspective. The furniture looms overhead, the ceiling is miles-high, and rooms are distant countries.

Finally, the lovely modern jazz of Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013 is perfect for the mood of the game. It sets your mind on the thing you have been created to do -- clean! In fact, you can do nothing else. In this way you are determined to slide around that apartment floor and clean forever (or at least until your batteries run out). But notice the application of freewill: you may clean when you want. You are free to explore the world around you, moving ably from one spot to the next. There is no purpose to this, other than sheer enjoyment, but nonetheless, the choice is yours. I suggest you play this game as soon as possible.

platform utilized: mac
genre: simulation
where to find: Head over to Stolidus Simulations and download a copy of the game.

Freedom to Clean: Robot Vacuum Simulator 2013, 2013

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Jul 22, 2013

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