GeoGuessr is a game about knowing where you are. Drawing from the visual databank of Google Street View, the goal of the player is to discern and make an informed guess as to their location. The concept is incredibly simplistic, yet so rewarding. My first play through resulted in a score of 8798 points, having been given location clues in 1) Taiwan; 2) Brazil; 3) Idaho; 4) Russia; and 5) Missouri.

This game is a blast. I have designs to play it quite regularly in the coming weeks. This may, too, be a fun game to show your coworkers down at the office. Perhaps you could hold in-home tournaments with your roommates or friends. Whatever you do, please check out this great game.

platform utilized: browser
genre: point-and-click
where to find: Play GeoGuessr right here.

Making Geographically Informed Guesses: GeoGuessr, 2013

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Jun 2, 2013

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