I began Welcome to the Forest with a somewhat different perspective than when the game ended. First, I assumed that the screenshot I had seen was of a text-based game. While it does utilize a lot of text, Forest is not of the text-based variety. Second, within a few moments of beginning, I had become highly critical of the game's text, noting its slapdash composition and often meandering voice and style. It was rather distracting. But the storyline turned out to be anything but unkept. Truly, its subtlety surprised me and encouraged me to continue.

In my opinion, the game was much too brief. However, it was rewarding to play.

Welcome to the Forest is the handiwork of one Nuprahtor, a Russian game developer, from what I can tell.

WASD - movement
Left mouse button - action
Right mouse button - progress thru dialogue

platform utilized: browser
genre: interactive story
where to find: Play Welcome to the Forest.

As if in a Dream: Welcome to the Forest, 2013

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Jun 7, 2013

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