Triad is an insanely well-crafted idea. Three friends (I think) decide to share one moderately sized pink bed (uh oh), which though large, is nonetheless difficult to situate. Each individual has a unique pattern of sleep. You must determine how to get all of three of them to sleep soundly without disturbing one another. Oh, and there's a cat to make things even more difficult.

The thing I've enjoyed most about Triad is the simplicity of the concept. Yet, however simple it is, I am still hard at work at its answer! It's unbelievable that such a straightforward idea can be so difficult. But I am hooked. I will not be satisfied until I have conquered Triad. I will not be satisfied until I have successfully solved this tetristic puzzle of sleep.

My wife just solved it. She's a lot smarter than I am.

Triad is the handiwork of Anna Anthropy and Leon Arnott.

platform utilized: mac
genre: puzzle
where to find: You can download Triad for either mac or pc.

Let's All Share a Bed!: Triad, 2013

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Mar 24, 2013

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