It's taken me awhile to get around to writing about Sequester, not for lack of trying, and not to mention being extremely taken by its storyline. I just kept putting it off, moving other projects ahead of it, until, by the time I'd realized it, a few months had passed.

Sequester, a morbid and atmospheric affair, finds a young boy trapped in a sort of sequence of dreams, each leading to the next successively. In these dreams, the boy's dead sister talks to him and rain falls torrentially. The music is eerie, incredibly moving at times, with vocal crescendos reminiscent of something from the HoMM IV soundtrack. Within each dream, this young boy is put to the test, as he must find his way through dungeon-like labyrinths, seeking out his sister's spirit, which for some reason is trapped in between life and the afterlife.

The game is quite good. I believe that, given its platformer form, one is entitled to a certain level of skepticism, because there are just so many platformers out there (and so many mediocre ones)! But Sequester is unique, and kinda sophisticated, and showcases quite a few levels, all of which are intelligently designed. In short, it does justice to the genre, and is worth your attention and your time.

I like to think of this boy's sister as a kind of Zoe Deschanel.

platform utilized: browser
genre: puzzle platformer
where to find: Play Sequester here.

Looking For the Dead in Your Dreams: Sequester, 2012

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Oct 21, 2012

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