Tiny Dream is a simple platformer in the style of Knytt. it's a pretty and atmospheric little game that I still have not finished. This is due to the perplexing content that I have not been able to surmount.

What really irks me about Tiny Dream is the inability to save. Having many times been at work on this game for hours on end, the time inevitably came for me to return to humanity and to fill my efficiency quota, thus forfeiting my hard work spent within Tiny Dream. This is the single most frustrating feature of this game. Everything else I enjoy. Tiny Dream makes a mockery of traditional platformers, with its sideways screens that are difficult to navigate. Its music and graphics lend to an atmospheric experience. And of course, there is the nonviolent gameplay, making it a bit more of an explorer platform at the end of the day. All of these aspects bolster Tiny Dream and present it as an intelligent and balanced experience.

Of course, not being able to save makes this game uncomfortable for me. Perhaps this isn't a bad thing. maybe I rely too heavily on 'saves' then I ought to.

platform utilized: browser
genre: explorer platform
where to find: If you enjoy beautiful, ambient platformers as much as I do, don't miss the opportunity to play Tiny Dream right here.

Calm Alien World: Tiny Dream, 2012

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Oct 21, 2012

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