There is this point, after flying up to the moon and receiving your goals, at which you are able to turn back and descend to your home. With your aim pointed downward, you may swim through the evening sky, ever intent on reaching some far off destination; ever intent on arriving at some place distinct from where you departed; ever intent on finding that moment of complete and total surrender. However, in this case, you will plunge forever into the depths of the ether, with no control over where you are headed. The experience of flying aimlessly into nothingness is invigorating.

Personal Trip to the Moon is an existential interactive story, in which you play as a man that shoots off into space to find meaning. The experience is memorable and comes across as tasteful and sensitive.

The journey is vague and there is no real direction as to why you are looking for meaning. I would assume this particular scenario stems from a typical desire to give our lives purpose; a desire to fly into the heavens and ask what it's all about. But the moment is confusing, as is life, and there is little context in Personal Trip to the Moon. But to be completely honest, the experience is just so well done. Please take a few minutes to play through this one.

This game was crafted by VoEC. It should take no more then fifteen minutes. Also, the music sounds like Explosions in the Sky.

I have no idea what the end of this game is about.

platform utilized: browser
genre: interactive story
where to find: Here it is.

With Fear and Trembling I Ascend Into the Night Sky: Personal Trip to the Moon, 2012

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Sep 3, 2012

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