There is something unsettling about war, especially modern war. I think this is because it's so near to us; it's personal, and at times, it's practically in our backyard. Personally, I have never served in the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, or any other branch of the United States Armed Forces. The closest I have been to a war is via the news, movies, and books.

Of course, war is not always thrill-filled combat. Oftentimes, I imagine, there is a whole lot of mundane in the world of the stationed soldier. This is precisely what Unmanned attempts to portray.

The game affectively cut through all of my expectations, as it intended. From the opening dream sequence, your assumptions are turned upside down. Nothing is exactly as it seems, and each mini-game is tinged with flared psychosis and serious emotional disturbance. I assume that this is what the creators were going for: a seriously disturbed look into the mind of an army drone.

platform utilized: mac
genre: action, simulation
where to find: Here is the download for mac; here is the download for pc; or you can play it online.

Unnerving Simulation: Unmanned, 2012

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Aug 21, 2012

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