In this psychedelic arcade-style action game, you play as Deepak, the family man protagonist that must fight robots in Deepak Fights Robots. The game is colorful and is reminiscent of the 60s and 70s drug culture, among other things. Essentially, the game is comprised of enemies, powerups, and goal-oriented energy pickups. Following this is one concluding pickup that makes you invincible, granting you the fulfilling task of finally destroying the enemies you had been avoiding the entire level. The sitar-centered music in Deepak is extremely enjoyable. This game is brainchild of game developer Tom Sennett.

One of the interesting things about Deepak is that falling down drops you back into the screen from the top, in an endless cycle. Also, our protagonist can hang from the ceiling as well as crouch. The mechanics of the game are good. Everything is responsive, nothing is sluggish. Though simple, Deepak Fights Robots is some good 'ol fun, the kind we used to have at the arcades.

platform utilized: browser
genre: arcade-style action
where to find: Play this trippy and exciting arcade action game right here.

Heroic Acid Trip: Deepak Fights Robots (flash version), 2012

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Aug 17, 2012

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