The End is an interesting exploration of death and the beyond, with any sort of religious presuppositions cast to the wayside. The effect is grim yet extremely insightful. You begin your existential journey, shortly after the game begins, with your own demise. You are immediately thrust into a social afterlife, whether it be heaven or hell, with your goal being that of exploration. There are worlds to explore; within these worlds are respective levels, each with its own sought after object, which seems to be related to a question that is asked at the end of each level; questions such as, "Is is possible to be happy simply living in the moment?" or "Would you still be yourself if your mind was put into another body?" Each question requires a "yes" or a "no" (unfortunately, there is no option to say "you are asking the wrong question") and your reply directs your particular worldview, as it relates to other great thinkers and figures of the past (Einstein, Descartes, etc.).

You are required to create an avatar to your liking, and mine ended up looking like Charlie Brown, but with purple shutter shades.

One of the most novel ideas The End presents is this idea of light power, which effectively turns shadows into solid platforms that can be crossed over. This skill is a lot of fun to use. It's not quite as fun as bullet time, but no one's perfect. anyway, light power comes in real handy at points in the game.

In conclusion, The End is well worth your time to explore. Another interesting aspect of its gameplay is its social integration. There are a whole lot of ways to link to outside social networks (Facebook, et al.) and players from all around can explore each other's profile.

platform utilized: browser
genre: puzzle platformer
where to find: Come join the online community here.

After Death: The End, 2012

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Aug 21, 2012

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