The opening scene lays out the foundation of your character:

"You are a misanthropic sociopath with a burning hatred for other people. You are also a school student. Because of your attitude, there aren't too many people who try and talk to you. You're fine with this. That's how you like it."
Intense Staring Simulator is a sharp and witty title that never once drags its feet. And as of yet, I have found zero spelling errors, which makes me a very happy gamer. Very happy.

The goal of the game is to focus your hatred for human beings on those fortunate enough to have crossed your path (and who else but the social pariah would do such a thing?).

platform utilized: browser
genre: other
where to find: Play Intense Staring Simulator right here.

Sociopathy: Intense Staring Simulator, 2012

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Jul 3, 2012

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