I love the ridiculous nature of Get Lost. It is a comical affair and there is never a moment of boredom. You can choose to play as a human or a bunny. There is a Land of the Dead and there is a Land of the Double-Dead. Speaking of death, this game seems to be obsessed with it, as I have made more decisions that resulted in my dying than I have not. This could merely indicate that the restrictions are tight and the stakes are high, and that there are few ways to accomplish the game. What seems to be the case, however, is that while this game is intrigued by the topic of death, it is more interested in exploring the concept of death in the context of its use in adventure games; as a means of reward or consequence.

It seems content with flippantly throwing around the traditional adventure game conception of death, and how it is used.

To illustrate my point, allow me to describe just a few of the occurrences that resulted in my death.

-After dressing up as a queen (haha, right: that is, the king's consort and monarchal baby-maker), I left the room I had been in and was instantly killed by a bishop on a square diagonal to me.

-After stumbling upon a room of unhatched arachnid eggs, I find a mother spider waiting patiently for me in the next room, sipping on a glass of brandy, with designs to kill me slowly.

One of my favorite moments (and there are many) of Get Lost took place after perusing through the small town. I happened upon a book store and grabbed one of those choose your own adventure books and began to read. Among other things, the book had me talking with my neighbor, asking for a flathead screwdriver. The only problem is, upon leaving her house, I discover that it isn't a flathead screwdriver at all, but a phillips. so I turn back to page 8 and repeat, and suddenly I am flipping between page 8 and page 12 and will continue to do so, ad infinitum, if I don't close this book. So I close the book, but not until after a good, long laugh.

Another moment had me wandering into a warehouse, at perchance I might sneak into the facility of the "Big Bothersome Corporation techno-corporate mega entity headquarters" undetected. Instead I stumbled in on an 8-bit dragon. and I died. I was then revived and thrust into a pixilated medieval countryside. I wandered around for a bit. I then came across a group of peasants. one said to me, "We don't swing that way," an unprovoked statement to say the least. the other asked if I'm up for "some randy intercourse."

This game is awesome.

platform utilized: browser
genre: adventure
where to find: Get Lost here.

The Hilarity of Death: Get Lost, 2012

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Jul 3, 2012

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