I know I've been playing a lot of browser games lately, but don't be concerned! I am working on some big write-ups of some classic games. More to come on that later.

Only Dust is an immersive yet simple little platformer about a group of explorers who are unwittingly trapped in some sort of cave. You (the protagonist) must ascend and reach the surface to get help. All you have is your trusty jet-pack, which, unfortunately, needs fuel. Fortunately though, there are plants throughout the caves that have an oil that can be quickly extracted to use for fuel.

The man responsible for this title is kato9, also know as Matthew DiVito. and actually this is not the first game of his that I have played. I was thoroughly impressed by some of the elements of Zero2, his Ludum Dare entry prior to Only Dust. I ended up not writing about it mostly because I didn't feel there was much to say. But it was enjoyable, and getting back to what I was trying to say, DiVito has a flare for style, and his games are anything but drab and uninteresting. Only Dust is quite stylish. I also really like the music.

platform utilized: browser
genre: platform
where to find: You can play it here.

Only a Jet-Pack: Only Dust, 2012

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Jun 1, 2012

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