Aether, created for the 23rd Ludum Dare competition, is a lot of fun and at times a challenging experience. You play as a little guy, running for you life, as alien invaders surround the planet and attempt to annihilate all life as we know it. You must avoid their incoming missiles as you run from one defense station to the next. At each station, the perspective changes, and you are given a view of earth and the immanent catastrophe that awaits. From here, you blow as many ships away as possible. However, there is a problem: they don't stop coming. In fact, the ships will continuously swarm you, not letting up. Timing is everything. Once you feel you've adequately extinguished the alien invaders, you must leave the station and run to the next before having a missile dropped on your head. If you can survive, your desired goal is an endpoint station that will bring about the cessation of these invaders.

This fun little title was created by a guy named Daniel. You can check out his game development blog.

platform utilized: browser
genre: explorer platform, shmup
where to find: You can play Aether here.

Invaders Don't Let Up : Aether, 2012

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Jun 1, 2012

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