Here is something newly (though not recently) attempted in the way of interactive games: an interactive story trailing the memory-filled mind of someone with dissociative identity disorder. The game takes you through a memory of your home, or at least some lifeless apparition of it, as you attempt to sort out the disjunctive elements of your past. Depending on which way you are facing determines which aspect of your personality is engaged, denoted by either a 'red' color or a 'blue' color.

What's most fascinating about this story is the contrast that is drawn, with such little effort and with so few materials, between the different personalities of the characters. I found myself just contemplating the distinct identity's response to a particular situation. This provided for a fascinating experience that I will surely come back to.

Brought to you by Armel J. Gibson.

platform utilized: browser
genre: interactive story
where to find: I Used to Speak to the Wall can be played here.

DID: I Used to Speak to the Wall, 2012

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May 31, 2012

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