In this sepia-toned, point-and-click puzzle game, you are a maimed tin soldier. Your goal is to hobble around on your good and only leg, interacting with other toys, as it becomes increasingly obvious that some twisted mind is to blame for the horror you continue to encounter. For example, the first character you stumble upon is a doll with a noose around her neck. Just a moment later you'll come across a teddy bear with his eyes gouged out. He'll beg you to grab some buttons from the ground, asking you to put them over the holes in his head, from which he once saw the world.

The music in The Tin Soldier is worth talking about. It's beautiful. There is one theme that continues to play throughout the game, and it brings to mind something Danny Elfman would write for a Tim Burton film. Then out of nowhere, a trumpet emerges, and suddenly it's a Mexican death march. The music is fitting to the scene. Everything is dark, gloomy, and surreal; you don't believe what you're seeing, yet it is right there in front of you.

If you like dark-themed games (or music), check out this one. The Tin Soldier was created and shared by Tyranus over at Indie Pub.

platform utilized: browser
genre: puzzle
where to find: Play right here on Indie Pub.

Tortured Plaything: The Tin Soldier

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Jan 21, 2012

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