Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale is a simple, text-based game that departs from the elements of traditional gameplay. There are no rules (this is of course not entirely true; there are certain rules within Arcadia, but for the sake of brevity, with respect to this thought piece, I will not be exploring these rules), no puzzles, and no wrong choices. Most noticeable is the game's attempt to simply provide the means for the player to simply enjoy the world around them. The fascinating thing, of course, is that there are no visuals; the seemingly beautiful world around you is such, by virtue of the words used to describe its beauty.

I enjoyed Arcadia very much. It is games such as this that push the bounds of what conventional gameplay can look like.

The game comes from the mind of Jonas Kyratzes, author, game designer, and filmmaker. This guy is new to me. I look forward to checking out his other titles.

platform utilized: browser
genre: text-based game
where to find: Arcadia can be played here.

With Only Words to Guide: Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale, 2012.

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May 30, 2012

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